Subject: xpkgwedge changes for non-native X11
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/12/2006 20:11:22
Hi all,
I've tracked down the root of the Xaw3d bulk build problems and the fix
resulted in a bump of xpkgwedge. The problem only exists for non-native
builds where something like this happened:
- xorg-imake is installed
- xpkgwedge is build
- both are deinstalled
- xpkgwedge is installed from the binary package

Now lib/X11/config/host.def would just include the local xpkgwedge.def,
but not define e.g. ProjectRoot to /usr/pkg/xorg. If you are using
non-native X11 and have done something like the above, I suggest to
deinstall Lesstif and xpkgwedge and if lib/X11/config/host.def still
exists, remove it. After reinstall, the problems are fixed.