Subject: gimp vs gimp24 buildlink files: bl3 and PLIST
To: None <>
From: Greg Troxel <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/12/2006 13:50:08
Bill Chiarchiaro provided me with a patch to graphics/gimp24 (version,
distinfo, minor PLIST changes) to update it to 2.3.5.  He reported
that gimp-ufraw (which I maintain) doesn't build with gimp24 installed
instead of gimp.  On changing gimp-ufraw to include gimp24's bl3 file,
it builds and runs.

Apparently the problem is that the bl3 machinery pulls in .h files
from the PLIST of the included directory, rather than the PLIST of the
installed package.  I think this has two awkward points (but I'm not
quite sure I'm right):

  if the package has been updated in the tree but not reinstalled, the
  wrong set of files will be symlinked into the buildlink tree.

  if an alternative like gimp24 is installed instead of gimp, the set
  of .h files for gimp are still used.

I see at least three ways out of this:

  Change bl3 to find and use the installed PLIST instead of the one in

  Make a that selects a version and uses it, with a variable
  so the preferred one is used, defaulting to gimp rather than gimp24.

  Add an option to ufraw to use/depend on gimp24 instead.


        Greg Troxel <>