Subject: Samba
To: None <>
From: J Browning <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/11/2006 12:25:39

I've been sharing a mounted NTFS volume with the rest of my network
via Samba on my NetBSD 3.0 system. Following an upgrade to
samba-3.0.21a from 3.14 I now have the following issue:

I am able to succesfully mount the NTFS volume from other NetBSD and
Linux machines and see all files and directories. However, on trying
to copy any files from the smbfs mount to a local directory i get the
follwing error:

cp: lj.txt: No such file or directory

So for some reason, on trying to read the file, it thinks it isn't there.

Does anyone have any ideas or is anyone suffering a similar problem? I
should reiterate that this problem has only come about since the Samba
upgrade; it was fine before.

Ultimately, I may have to downgrade to 3.14 but I'm unsure how to
acheive this in pkgsrc; is it even possible?