Subject: [patch] restructured bulk build
To: NetBSD Packages Technical Discussion List <>
From: Roland Illig <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/08/2006 04:00:12

after some announcements on pkgsrc-bulk, I have implemented the patch
that changes the way the report locations are specified. See

for my original mail about it.

The changes of this patch are:

1. It introduces a BULK_BUILD_ID, which is taken from the configuration
file at the first start and saved into a file. Later it is used for
creating the report directory. In the past, the use of timestamps for
this kind of directory hasn't been consistent.

REPORT_TXT_FILE replace the variables FTP, FTPHOST and FTPURL, with
slightly different semantics. After all, I think the new scheme is
easier to understand. (At least the meaning of the variables is
documented in the example build.conf file.)

3. The filename of the text/plain report has changed from
pkgsrc-results-${BUILDDATE}.txt to ${REPORT_TXT_FILE}, which is just
"report.txt" by default. It is saved in the report directory.

4. In the post-build program, the shell command to get the main
configuration file variables has been rewritten for easier readability.
The check_config_vars shell function provides the values for the REPORT*
variables from the FTP* variables. After the branch of 2006Q2, the FTP*
variables will make the bulk build abort if they are still defined. (The
last sentence is not implemented yet.)

5. The post-build program has been made more robust by adding error
checking for some calls to chdir().

The patch is available at: