Subject: apache2 not building
To: None <>
From: Aymeric Vincent <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/02/2006 16:41:09

www/apache2 seems to lack a dependency to libiconv. It fails during the 
build because it doesn't find libiconv.

The following patch may not be correct, but it fixes the build for me.

(it's on a NetBSD 3.0 system)


[ I'm not on tech-pkg, and sorry if this is a duplicate: I used mozilla 
to send the first message and it crashed during the send ]

Index: Makefile
RCS file: /cvsroot/pkgsrc/www/apache2/Makefile,v
retrieving revision 1.90
diff -u -r1.90 Makefile
--- Makefile    29 Dec 2005 06:22:21 -0000      1.90
+++ Makefile    2 Jan 2006 15:26:19 -0000
@@ -30,6 +30,7 @@
  BUILDLINK_DEPENDS.apr+=        apr>=

  .include "../../mk/"
+.include "../../converters/libiconv/"
  .include "../../devel/apr/"
  .include "../../textproc/expat/"
  .include "../../mk/"