Subject: Re: TOOLS_PREFIX and tools framework and missing tool
To: Jeremy C. Reed <>
From: Johnny C. Lam <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/28/2005 12:08:48
Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
> Currently, the packaging does fail if makepsres is not available.
> If the X11_TYPE is native, there is not a way to get makepsres from pkgsrc.

The question is why does the packaging fail.  Could makepsres be run 
from an INSTALL script instead?  Then as a compromise, we could check 
for the existence of makepsres in the INSTALL script and remove the 
generated databases in the DEINSTALL script.

> You say then the tools framework is not applicable here. ... but I was 
> just following examples already in the (see 
> _TOOLS.x11-clients) that have a few other tools that appear to be only 
> available if X11_TYPE is not native.

The existing tools offered in _TOOLS.x11-clients are just assumed to be 
in the native X11 in NetBSD, but for the ones I had originally added, I 
checked to make sure they were actually there.  The code is structured 
so that if you don't specify X11_TYPE, then it's assumed that X11_TYPE 
is native and falls through to just setting the tool path to 

This is imperfect because the handling of the X11 distribution packages 
in pkgsrc is imperfect.  We still special-case too much for X11.


	-- Johnny Lam <>