Subject: Re: Using pkgsrc for an OpenSolaris distro
To: None <>
From: Moinak Ghosh <Moinak.Ghosh@Sun.COM>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/28/2005 22:23:36 wrote:

>On Wed, 28 Dec 2005 21:45:01 +0530
>Moinak Ghosh <Moinak.Ghosh@Sun.COM> wrote:
>>   Since OpenSolaris does not have any default packaging mechanism I 
>>need to select one. I wish to have
>>   something feature packed and modern.
>I think Solaris uses native packaging system for installing base system and 3rd
>party software. You don't even have to use a packaging system for the base
>system. You could have something as simple as *.tar.gz files, containing kernel
>+ drivers, or X11 and unpack them into /. Just seperate them into logical units
   Solaris uses the SVR4 packaging mechanism. It is also available in 
binary form (open-sourcing will take
   some time) for use in OpenSolaris distros. However I wish to have a 
more feature-packed packaging

>core.tgz, x11.tgz, devel.tgz, etc.
>So instead of having say graphics card drivers as a seperate package, you all
>bundle it under x11.tgz
   BeleniX currently has a harddisk installer which already does what 
you are mentioning above. That is
   it dumps the entire LiveCD to harddisk. But it is not maintainable in 
the long run. One would want
   some form of upgrade, backout, reinstall, package info facilities for 
the base system as well.