Subject: TOOLS_PREFIX and tools framework and missing tool
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/27/2005 18:43:45
Two questions:

1) I was looking at pkgsrc/mk/tools/ (and in revision 1.133) and 
the line for x11-clients has "imake"

.      if defined(X11_TYPE) && !empty(X11_TYPE:MXFree86)
TOOLS_DEPENDS.${_t_}?=  XFree86-clients>=4.4.0:../../x11/XFree86-clients
TOOLS_PATH.${_t_}=      ${TOOLS_PREFIX.${_t_}}/${X11ROOT_PREFIX}/bin/${_t_}

(The following lines have xorg-clients.)

May I change the line above to:


I am not sure if this is a copy-and-paste error or if it is meant to be 

2) Also what should happen if a tool is missing? I added a bogus entry to 
end of _TOOLS.x11-clients and then added it to USE_TOOLS in a package. 
Nothing failed, although TOOLS_PATH.jcrtest was properly defined.

Should the tools framework check if TOOLS_PATH.jcrtest exists?

I am looking at this because I am about to commit the one addition of 
"makepsres" to that _TOOLS.x11-clients. It may be useful for the package 
build to fail when the TOOLS_PATH.makepsres is missing (when 
USE_TOOLS+=makepsres and X11_TYPE is native) instead of failing later 
during or after build.

  Jeremy C. Reed

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