Subject: Re: upgrading nmh-1.0.4 to nmh-1.2.1?
To: Jeremy C. Reed <>
From: Igor Sobrado <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/23/2005 20:47:05
In message <>, "Jeremy C. Reed" writes:
> Currently pkgsrc is in a freeze. You may want to consider updating your 
> local copy of pkgsrc/mail/nmh to try this and share your patches.

Hi Jeremy.

I know it, pkgsrc is in a freeze since December 12.  I will do my best
to contribute pkgsrc with an updated nmh.  On the one hand, it is not an
urgent task; on the other hand, nmh-1.2.1 has not been released yet but
it will be available very soon.  Perhaps we should wait until it is
ready as two important patches will be applied on the source code.

I will try to update my local copy and share the patches.

> Or also consider emailing the maintainer for the package. (Maybe the 
> update has already been done but not committed.)

Indeed.  He is a kindly person that fixed a bug I reported some months
ago in few hours (and I did not provide a patch for that bug!).

> Or use pkgsrc-wip to work on it.
> Or use send-pr.

A lot of ways to contribute.  By now, I will ask the package maintainer
about the update (to 1.2.1, not 1.2) and, if he is not working on it,
I will try to update my local copy and send him the patches.  :-)

In any case, I doubt the update has already been done as the package
is not available yet.  Perhaps he worked on nmh-1.2, but this version
was released three days ago.

> In the meanwhile, I added this to the pkgsrc/doc/TODO.

Thanks!  I will work on the update as soon as nmh-1.2.1 is available.