Subject: cannot enable fast-cgi lang/php5
To: None <>
From: dixie <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/23/2005 16:38:01
Hi, I was trying last days to build php5 with fast-cgi enabled as some
web servers requires in order to work with it.
The point is that defining PKG_OPTIONS.php as "fastcgi" or either
leaving the default "cgi" results in php being built as (cli) and not as
Also playing with the Makefile and forcing configure options does not
lead to any result. (cli)
I've noted that in wip/ there is a package called php-fcgi that states:

"This package contains the FastCGI PHP binary"

but it tries to install php4, how are these two package related?

Has anyone runned into that before?
Any hint is appreciated, please To or CC me because I'm not subscribed
to this list, thank you :)


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