Subject: Re: Openldap &Openexchange install
To: haad <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/23/2005 13:46:02
On Fri, 23 Dec 2005, haad wrote:

> I have now some time so I decided to make NetBSD OPENXCHANGE
> installation HOWTO because all BSD's have it but
> NetBSD not.
> It needs Java,Postgresql,OpenLdap,tomcat,Apache,some perl modules .
> All can by installed from pkgsrc and runs fine except openldap.
> OX is written for openldap version 2.3.4 and in pkgsrc is 2.3.11 so
> their ldif and usersadd scripts doesn't work correctly.
> 1) is there some way how to make one package work with more versions of
> one program (like portage in gentoo)
>   I try this  in databases/openldap/Makefile
> 	.if ${OpenLdap_VERSION} == "2.3.4"
> 	   DISTNAME=       openldap-2.3.4
> 	.elif ${OpenLdap_VERSION} == "2.3.11"
> 	   DISTNAME=       openldap-2.3.11
> 	.endif
>  but this doesn't change patches and hashes I need look at this :).
>  I thing this is good because we can store more packages in one place
>  e.g. development version,official release and so ..
> 2) I try make new package which install openldap2.3.4
>   And users can use it.
> 3) we do nothing and for OX installation we compile openldap 2.3.4 from
>   source .

 	Best option would be to adjust OPENXCHANGE scripts to work with
 	openldap-2.3.11 ldif etc. A much less preferred option would be
 	to make an openldap234 package which would install into a separate
 	location to the main openldap so as not to conflict, and would be
 	used by openxchange.

 		David/absolute       -- No hype required --