Subject: Re: Solaris9/Firefox1.5:Could not initialize the browser's security
To: Rob Q <>
From: None <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/23/2005 02:03:36
On Wed, 21 Dec 2005 11:57:09 -0500
"Rob Q" <> wrote:

>   I just upgraded to the latest pkgsrc/www/firefox (v 1.5) on my Solaris2.9 
> machine and I'm having trouble.  When I start the browser I get a pop-up 
> that says "Could not initialize the browser's security component" and it 
> explains that my profile might be unwritable or my disk might be full.  
> Deleting my .mozzila directory doesn't help.  I have 2 local mods, lifted 
> from another open PR.  One is to remove from PLIST, 
> and the other to do 'CFLAGS=' instead of 'CFLAGS+=' in patches/patch-ap.
>   Anyone else seeing this?  Or more importantly, anyone else have 1.5 
> working on Solaris?

Yeah, I'm seeing the same problem. I've seen this before on Solaris with
previous versions of Firefox. It's either:

pkgsrc does something different when building Firefox, that causes problems


Firefox people only test their new versions of software on Linux and Windows,
and release broken and buggy software.

Anyone else can offer any help/comments here?