Subject: Re: www/thttpd build error - not sure of correct fix
To: Greg Troxel <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/19/2005 13:10:53
On Mon, 19 Dec 2005, Greg Troxel wrote:

>> Any reason not to use ${DISTDIR}/${DIST_SUBDIR} instead of ${_DISTDIR}?
> It's awkward to have to write code that knows about DIST_SUBDIR,
> because then it needs to get changed - and it this case it didn't.
> Sure, I can do that and commit, but it would be nice to have a
> documented variable to refer to the directory containing this
> package's distfiles.

Also, in this case, the same distfile is also used by other packages. It 
shouldn't be retrieved to a DIST_SUBDIR. The reason, it worked for others 
(like bulk builders) is that they had previously downloaded the file 
(maybe for a previous thttpd or for another package).

  Jeremy C. Reed

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