Subject: Python 2.4 patch (mostly for Darwin)
To: None <>
From: Marc Recht <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/19/2005 17:51:54
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I've put up at patch which  
contains some of the changes I want to commit after the freeze. It  
fixes all problems of the package with Darwin known to me. More  
specific: libpython will now be built again and thus  extension  
modules are working again.
The second, larger part of the diff contains the patch from: 
which contains the following changes (from the SourceForge post):

1) The configure option --with-cxx is renamed
--with-cxx-main. This was done to avoid surprising the user
by the changed meaning. Furthermore, it is now possible
that CXX has a different value than provided by
--with-cxx-main, so the old name would have been

2) The compiler used to translate python's main() function is
stored in the configure / Makefile variable MAINCC. By
default, MAINCC=$(CC). If --with-cxx-main is given (without
an appended compiler name), then MAINCC=$(CXX). If
--with-cxx-main=<compiler> is on the configure command
line, then MAINCC=<compiler>. Additionally, configure sets
CXX=<compiler> unless CXX was already set on the
configure command line.

3) The command used to link the python executable is (as
before) stored in LINKCC. By default, LINKCC='$(PURIFY)
$(MAINCC)', i.e. the linker front-end is the compiler used to
translate main(). If necessary, LINKCC can be set on the
configure command line in which case it won't be altered.

4) If CXX is not set by the user (on the command line or via
--with-cxx-main), then configure tries several likely C++
compiler names. CXX is assigned the first name that refers
to a callable program in the system. (CXX is set even if
python is built with a C compiler only, so distutils can build
C++ extensions.)

5) Modules/ is no longer used and can be

I'd like to hear comments on the patch and if there are any problems  
on other systems.


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