Subject: building different package names from PKG_OPTIONS
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/16/2005 17:57:15
So I updated a production machine with apache without thinking. It has a 
vulnerable apache on it. But I was using suexec and new package didn't 
include that. So as I build using pkgsrc now with:
I am thinking we should discuss ideas on how to get binary packages for 

OpenBSD packages are called:  stem-version[-flavors]. "Flavored packages 
will also contain a list of flavors after the version identifier, in a 
canonical order determined by FLAVORS in the corresponding port's 
Makefile." (from OpenBSD's packages-specs(7)).

Flavors are compilation options (like "no_x11"). Each flavour is built 
with its own woprking directory and is packages with its own package 
name. Examples as found from ready-to-use packages from their server:


(They also have the packages without the -flavour.)

Notice how a few above have multiple options.

sox has two FLAVORS which are "mp3" and "vorbis". I don't know if the 
OpenBSD ports has a mechanism to also build two more packages, such as:
But by default it doesn't look like it.

Anyone want to work on this for pkgsrc?

1) Have an option that adds the PKG_OPTIONS to the package name.

2) pkg tools and infrastructure recognize the new naming

3) Have a build option that says to build package using all PKG_OPTIONS to 
create package

Or just add more dummy pkgsrc packages to add options. (Example is to 
readd aalib-x11 which was just removed).

By the time I researched this and wrote this, my new apache package is 
ready to use. (Sadly its name doesn't tell me it has "suexec".)

  Jeremy C. Reed

  	  	 	 technical support & remote administration