Subject: Re: where to store periodically updated data
To: None <>
From: Klaus Heinz <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/16/2005 16:24:23
Johnny Lam wrote:

> +DEINSTALL scripts.  I wouldn't mind putting them all under a common 
> subdirectory, e.g. /var/lib, but it would seem odd to only have a 
> special one for packages installed by pkgsrc.  If NetBSD created one 

It seemed to me /var/pkg was meant to fit that role (until NetBSD 2),
according to its description in hier(7). Does anyone know why it was

> that its own software used, I would certainly try to make pkgsrc follow 
> the directory guidelines, but in the absence of one, I think just 
> creating new "top-level" directories under /var is best -- then at least 
> it's easy to identify which directories belong to which package.  In 
> your specific case, I would just use ${VARBASE}/spamassassin.

VARBASE is set in defaults/mk.conf and is not specific to every system, so
${VARBASE}/spamassassin would result in /var/spamassassin on Linux, too.
On the other hand, if we try to follow guide lines (like FHS for Linux)
we may encounter clashes with native files/directories.
This problem can arise because if we change files/directories outside
of LOCALBASE. Wouldn't it be better to reserve something like
/var/pkg or /var/pkgsrc?