Subject: Re: Announcement: pkglint improvements from the last four months
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/08/2005 16:13:15
In response to Roland's recent email about improvements to pkglint, I
suggested another improvement that coincidentally he had already
anticipated.  At his suggestion, here is my suggestion and his reply. wrote:
     > With a slight change in the output format, this could be even more
     > useful.  Perhaps you are aware of the capability of the emacs
     > compilation buffer?  If you run compilations in emacs (which could
     > actually be any command, including pkglint, not just a compiler), a
     > special buffer is created, which can then be parsed and for each error
     > the appropriate file will be opened with the current position on the
     > correct line (i.e., the one with the corresponding error).  This makes
     > the edit-compile-edit-... cycle of code development really easy,
     > especially for large projects with many files.

     See the pkglint man page, especially the --gcc-output-format option. 
     When I had introduced this, I left the default output format unchanged, 
     as there had been complaints about it on the tech-pkg mailing list.

Seems like we should all take a look at the man page for all the new