To: Georg Schwarz <>
From: Mark Davies <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/08/2005 01:15:47
On Wednesday 07 December 2005 23:48, Georg Schwarz wrote:
> It appears to me that IMAKE_MAN_SUFFIX so far was never actually used.
> Instead IMAKE_MANNEWSUFFIX was used. So the setting for IMAKE_MAN_SUFFIX
> for a given system should be completely irrelevant so far.

except that for some platforms IMAKE_MANNEWSUFFIX is set in terms of 
IMAKE_MAN_SUFFIX so that "the right thing happens" for all those PLIST's out 
there that were using IMAKE_MANNEWSUFFIX.
For other platforms IMAKE_MAN_SUFFIX is set to IMAKE_MANNEWSUFFIX so these two 
variables end up being the same - except on AIX and IRIX, and thats because I 
had no idea what the correct value was for those platforms when I was fixing 
some of this up a while ago.

> One might eliminate the IMAKE_MAN_SUFFIX variable, or, and that's probably
> more consistent on the longer run although maybe a bit more confusing at
> first, rename all occurrences of IMAKE_MANNEWSUFFIX into IMAKE_MAN_SUFFIX
> and make sure IMAKE_MAN_SUFFIX gets set to today's IMAKE_MANNEWSUFFIX's
> value.

rename occurrences of IMAKE_MANNEWSUFFIX into IMAKE_MAN_SUFFIX and get rid of 
IMAKE_MANNEWSUFFIX is I believe what Joerg was suggesting and I'm all for it.