Subject: Using distcc
To: None <>
From: Curt Sampson <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/06/2005 08:37:52
NetBSD_3.0_RC5 kernel, mid-october netbsd-3 branch userland.

Since I've got a few extra hosts available across a fairly fast network,
I was kinda hoping to use distcc to help with pkgsrc compiles. However,
when I set

     PKGSRC_COMPILER="distcc gcc"

I get messages like:

     ===> No acceptable compiler found for nvi-m17n-1.79.20040401.

It looks to me as if somehow the stuff around line 108 of
pkgsrc/mk/ isn't identifying the "gcc" in my PKGSRC_COMPILER
as matching the "gcc" in _ACCEPTABLE_COMPILERS (which is
"_ACCEPTABLE_COMPILERS=ccc gcc icc ido mipspro mipspro-ucode sunpro xlc"
according to a debugging note I added to the error message).

Is there any way to get a trace of just what that loop is doing? Or does
someone know what's going wrong?

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