Subject: Re: proposal of how to deal with missing header files supplied by nbcompat
To: Dieter Baron <>
From: Georg Schwarz <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/02/2005 21:09:43
>   The mechanism to link files during buildlink, also under different
> namess, already exists.  No extra code is needed.

great to hear. So, could you please elaborate how exactly this could
be achived in the particular case of libnbcompat, so we can get the
functionality ready?

>   The big disadvantage of your proposal is that it pollutes
> ${LOCALBASE}/include with system header files.  This can be
> problematic when compiling applications outside pkgsrc.

agreed; particularely if ${LOCALBASE} is a directory automatically taken
into account by your compilers etc.

>   I never mentioned ${WRKDIR}/.buildlink/include/nbcompat, because I
> do not propose to link anything there.  I said
> ${WRKDIR}/.buildlink/include, and that is searched during package
> build.

correct. So far, the header files are only in
${WRKDIR}/.buildlink/include/nbcompat (where, for good reason so far,
buildlink does not bother to look); that's why I mentioned it.

> > so you would suggest to symlink the requested header files found in
> > ${WRKDIR}/.buildlink/include/nbcompat to ${WRKDIR}/.buildlink/include
> > on compile time of a package?
>   I suggested linking the needed header files from
> ${LOCALBASE}/include/nbcompat to ${WRKDIR}/.buildlink/include, whether
> they are linked into ${WRKDIR}/.buildlink/include/nbcompat does't
> matter.

they are copied there, afaik, when libnbcompat/ is included.

Now, what mechanism do you have in mind for linking the necessary
headers to ${WRKDIR}/.buildlink/include?

> > The open issue to me here is how to ensure that this happens only after
> > ${WRKDIR}/.buildlink/include has been created and still could be triggered
> > simply by including ../../mk/
>   Like I said (repeatedly), buildlink already handles that.  This is
> nothing new, it is already done by various packages.

then I would like to ask for some more detailed explanation with respect
to the particular task here.

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