Subject: Re: variable naming question
To: Hubert Feyrer <>
From: iMil <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/02/2005 13:12:18
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> Good thing - thanks for picking the work on pkg_select up again, and sorry 
> for sort of dropping that ball!

well, to be honest i've been really busy -and still unfortunately is- 
at work, i also sort of delayed my work on pkg_select :/

> PACKAGES sounds good, for the local directory that has the "All" dir and the 
> category dirs - it's what pkgsrc uses.

In fact the point is not to have any category dir, just a directory with 
binary packages, the extension i'm writing builds a virtual pkgsrc 
hierarchy from packages using pkg_info -B

> Is this in as environment variable?

yes, by now i retrieve the value with getenv()

> I wonder about consequences when setting this, finding a pkg doesn't build 
> and the someone uses pkg_select to build a pkg from pkgsrc - that may lead to 
> undesired results.

indeed, that's why i'd prefer have grownups feedback on the matter ;)

> If this is to denote a read-only or remote site, maybe better evaluate 
> BINPKG_SITE, which is used by pkgsrc. See BINPKG_SITES, BIN_INSTALL_FLAGS and 
> the bin-install target in packages(7) and pkgsrc/mk.

as said before, the keypoint is not to have any pkgsrc hierarchy, so i 
won't be able to evaluate anything that's not present on the build 

Thanks for your feedback

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