Subject: editors/vim doesn't want to fetch anything
To: None <>
From: Andrew <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/02/2005 00:50:13
The vim port doesn't seem to have a distfile set so when I try to build it 
I get:

=>  doesn't seem to exist on this system.
=> Attempting to fetch  from
ftp: no file after directory (you must specify an output file) 

It then runs ftp and takes me to an ftp site but doesn't actually download 
anything, it just sits there at the FTP prompt.

It seems the fact that PATH_FILES is set to nothing is the thing that 
causes it as if I set it to 6.4.001 6.4.002 6.4.003 saw them on the ftp 
site...don't know if they are useful patches or not) I get much further 
(errors about the checksum which are to be expected).