Subject: two PHP questions
To: None <>
From: Chris Jones <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/27/2005 16:57:08
1.  As discussed in the PHP bug database at
<>, and previously on this list,
there's an outstanding PHP bug that prevents some apps -- notably
gallery and drupal -- from working correctly with apache.  That page
mentions what is apparently a commit message from FreeBSD:

- Fix pear pkg-plist
- Increase pear memory limit (requested by amd64)
- Revert apache2handler to the latest working version found in
  PHP 4.4.0, since PHP developers seem not interested in
  fixing the bug with apache2 and mod_rewrite

Would it be possible to do a similar fix for pkgsrc?

2.  I've temporarily fixed my own server by installing lang/php5 with
the "hardening" patch from <>.  Applying
that patch required quite a bit of hacking, and I'm now sure that my
PLIST files are wrong.  That pkg has had a known vulnerability for a
while now, which the hardening patch claims to fix.  Would it be
reasonable to make that patch part of the normal pkgsrc kit?

I can volunteer a bit of my time for either or both of these, but I
don't have enough (time + expertise) to complete either one.  I'll be
happy to help somebody else with testing or more, though.