Subject: Error when compiling misc/koffice-1.4.1: Solution?
To: None <>
From: Paulo Aukar <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/26/2005 08:44:23
When building misc/koffice-1.4.1 on a i386 NetBSD 3.99.9 machine, the compilation process stops at

work/koffice-1.4.1/krita/ui/widgets/kis_wdg_autogradient.*, producing an empty *.Tpo file.
Compiler says it can't find kisgradientsliderwidget.h. The existent header file is kis_gradient_slider_widget.h. So, changing line 409 in kis_wdg_autogradient.ui   file from "kisgradientsliderwidget.h" to "kis_gradient_slider_widget.h" makes the building process to go on.