Subject: Binary Distribution
To: None <>
From: Brendon Costa <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/21/2005 10:04:13
Hi All,

    I am sorry if this is the incorrect place to ask these questions. I 
could not find a pkgsrc-users group or something similar and this seemed 
the most appropriate place to ask this question as it does not directly 
involve NetBSD but pkgsrc. I wish to purchase a full copy of pkgsrc 
2005Q3 with sources and binaries for I386 platform along with NetBSD 2.1 
(NetBSD is easy to find) Basically I do not have the network or PC 
resources (56k modem and AMD K6 400 PC) to do a bulk build myself.

    I have found a company in New Zeland that will download and burn 
DVD's for a number of open source OS dists, however they do not have the 
full dist of pkgsrc at the moment. They were going to download the 
distfiles from:

however I do not know if those distfiles are for pkgsrc-current or for 
the last release pkgsrc-2005Q3 or if that directory contains all the 
distfiles for the various versions of pkgsrc that have been released in 
which case I would really only need a subset of the files there.

As for the binaries, is there any place where they can download the 
entire set as a result of a bulk build for I386?

The only other option I can think of is to ask this company to see if 
they will install NetBSD 2.1 on a system download pkgsrc-2205Q3 and then 
do a bulk build. Saving the contents of the distfiles and the bulk build 
binaries to CD after that.

One other question or possibly feature request. Is it currently possible 
using pkgsrc to request it to clean out the distfiles directory by 
removing old versions of packages that are not referenced any longer.

I.e. if I have pkgsrc-2005Q1 install some package that is version 1.0 it 
may download a distfile: package-1.0.tar.gz and then later I update to 
pkgsrc-2005Q3 and now the package referenced in pkgsrc is 1.2 and so if 
I upgrade to that version I think I would have package-1.0.tar.gz in 
distfiles, and also package-1.2.tar.gz but the 1.0 version is no longer 
used. Is there a command that can be used to clean out those unused 
distfiles? I was unable to find a command to achieve this but would find 
it quite useful.