Subject: Re: default options set by pkgsrc
To: Klaus Heinz <>
From: Dieter Baron <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/20/2005 16:38:18
In article <> Klaus wrote:
: while thinking about conversion from legacy variables (like USE_INET6)
: to the options framework I found no way for pkgsrc to indicate a global
: preference for specific options.

  Currently, there is none.

: So if I understand all this correctly, instead of a global setting
: somewhere in pkgsrc/mk/ responsibility of setting certain options the
: pkgsrc project wants to endorse (like "inet6") will reside at the package
: level and during conversion I _have_ to include "inet6" in

  When designing the various ways to select/deselect options, I did
not foresee the need of globally selecting options, so there is no way
to do so.  However, this clearly demonstrates the need for such a

  I would add a new variable PKG_GLOBALLY_SUGGESTED_OPTIONS, settable
by or the various platform-specific files, which lists
options that will be enabled by default in all packages which support
them.  This may be overridden by PKG_SUGGESTED_OPTIONS for a specific
package by listing the option with a leading `-'.

  So the suggested options will be the options listed in
PKG_GLOBALLY_SUGGESTED_OPTIONS, unless overridden by the packages'
PKG_SUGGESTED_OPTIONS, plus the options listed in