Subject: Re: pkgsrc on IRIX
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From: Jan Schaumann <>
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Date: 11/14/2005 14:45:28
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[note: xpost and reply-to tech-pkg, where this is more on topic]

Steve Allen <> wrote:
> I'm trying to get pkgsrc to build on IRIX (6.5.28, MIPSpro 7.4.3), eventu=
> goal is to run RSSOwl, which requires Eclipse.

That sounds, uhm, ambitious! :-)  Hope this works out.

> So, I'm looking to try using MIPSpro; I've set in /etc/mk.conf PKGSRC_COM=
> to mipspro.  The part I'm finding confusing is the IRIX-specific instruct=
> for using pkgsrc say that I need to pass the --preserve-path flag.  Exact=
> where do I throw that in?

This would need to be passed to the bootstrap command when building the
package tools.  If you already have the package tools, you can ignore
this and by setting PKGSRC_COMPILER=3Dmipspro you should be good to go.
Just make sure that you have the proper ABI set and that it doesn't
conflict with the compilers defaults (check /etc/compiler.defaults).

> And since some of the pkg stuff is now built with gcc, is it OK to leave =
> or do I need to junk it all and build everything with MIPSpro?

I think you may get away with building new packages with mipspro, but I
never mixed compilers, so there may be surprises lurking.


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