Subject: Re: xdm doesn't work
To: Paulo Aukar <>
From: Frederic Gonieaux <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/12/2005 03:55:04
Paulo Aukar wrote:
> Hi friends,
>  I have installed xorg form pkgsrc at a i386 NetBSD-1.6.2-STABLE. Paths were updated at cshrc and profile. Paths at /etc/rc.d/xdm were changed. xdm=YES was set at rc.conf, but xdm doesn't work. Even when I run it at the shell prompt. Could be any settings I've forget to do?
>  Thanks for any hint.
>  Paulo 

I use xdm with xorg and i experienced something similar.
By default, /usr/pkg/etc/xorg/xdm/Xservers is empty.

I had to add the following line to this file to make it working:
:0 local /usr/pkg/xorg/bin/X vt05 -nolisten tcp

(from the xdm config shipped with xfree86)

Maybe that should be configured by default.