Subject: Re: UNPRIVILEGED Goes Where?, How Many?, HFS+, RHEL3 Issue(s)
To: thoran <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/11/2005 10:12:49
On Fri, 11 Nov 2005, thoran wrote:

> On this page,, it
> says for non-root installs to attach the value yes to the attribute
> UNPRIVELEGED but fails to mention where that attribute resides.  Does it
> go in /etc/mk.conf?

Yes, set it in your mk.conf (wherever it is for you).

The UNPRIVILEGED support is not complete as I think only a few developers 
work on it. I have done some bulk builds and have fouond many minor issues 
that stop it from working. Some I have fixed but it is quite time 

If you or anyone uses it, please do not file bug reports for every issue 
found unless you have a ready-to-apply fix. But do file bug reports for 
the software that you do need.

(Note that you spelled it wrong above, so if you used that it may explain 
why it didn't work.)

> Is there any chance of pkgsrc being able to work on HFS+?  Is having it
> not run to do with an actual problem with case insensitivity, or is it
> precautionary?

It might work in most cases. Feel free to try and let us know.

> Wasn't I going to test a fix on RHEL3 for something or other to do with
> OpenSSL screwing up?

Please file a bug report about this. Or if you can provide access to your
RHEL3 box, I will spend a few minutes looking at this for you.

  Jeremy C. Reed

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