Subject: UNPRIVILEGED Goes Where?, How Many?, HFS+, RHEL3 Issue(s) Outstanding
To: None <>
From: thoran <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/11/2005 23:53:55
Hello pkgsrc Junkies, 

On this page,, it
says for non-root installs to attach the value yes to the attribute
UNPRIVELEGED but fails to mention where that attribute resides.  Does it
go in /etc/mk.conf?  

Generally the instructions there are too terse.  I found other stuff
which was pre-bootstrap, but generally there isn't much on this topic
and my understanding of pkgsrc isn't sufficient to go hacking it just

I'm now attempting this on a Debian system as an unpriveleged user and
would've (well actually I did, but didn't get far) tried this on MacOSX
excepting for a default install of HFS+.  

So how many is that this week?...: 

  Ubuntu (Hoary) i386
  NetBSD 2.1 i386
  RHEL3 i386
  MacOS 10.4 ppc
  Debian ? (2.4.29 Linux kernel) i386

Is there any chance of pkgsrc being able to work on HFS+?  Is having it
not run to do with an actual problem with case insensitivity, or is it

Well, NetBSD works anyway!...  "Of course it runs on NetBSD!"?  Ouch!  

OK, so I suppose I'd better do something...  Someone hand me something
to do...  

Wasn't I going to test a fix on RHEL3 for something or other to do with
OpenSSL screwing up?  I'd still really like to get this going, since I
may still be able to stop a move from a virtual server to shared hosting
if I can lighten my sysadmin load by having this baby just go.