Subject: Re: bootstrap re-engineering status?
To: Simon Gerraty <>
From: Mark E. Perkins <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/11/2005 04:54:34
On 2005/11/11 00:33, Simon Gerraty wrote:
> test results don't look good ;-)

I didn't think so, either.

> Mark, what happens on OS X if you just grab bmake and boot-strap it by
> itself?  Ie.  
> cd /tmp
> fetch
> fetch
> tar zxf bmake-20051105.tar.gz
> tar zxf mk-20051104.tar.gz
> ./bmake/boot-strap

Now that works! I'm not sure what could be interfering. I've been
testing bootstrap on a system without pkgsrc installed anywhere, so
there is no mk.conf that could be causing a problem.

Back to you.... ;)