Subject: Re: [RFC] mk/ to handle latex dependencies
To: Antoine Reilles <>
From: Min Sik Kim <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/10/2005 08:30:52
On Nov 10, 2005, at 4:49 AM, Antoine Reilles wrote:
> I'm planning to convert print/teTeX in a special package as for  
> python. At this stage, it may be good to separate those concerns.  
> For now, i have chosen do to the buildlink in all cases, because it  
> involves only very few files. Maybe print/teTeX could contain thing  
> like
>, for applications using tex at run time, or  
> compile time, and
>, for tex extentions.
> That one could also take in charge running mktexlrs, and also  
> helpers for modifying the texmf.cnf file

Sounds good.  As for running mktexlrs, I'm using the following patch.

Min Sik Kim