Subject: pkg_install updates
To: None <>
From: Gavan Fantom <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/07/2005 12:06:48
Currently when pkg_install is out of date, a message is printed which 
tells the user to do "make clean && make install" in the pkg_install 
directory. This doesn't (always) work.

Notwithstanding the various discussions about what how pkg_install 
should be handled, I'd like to solicit comments on what is the correct 
way to upgrade pkg_install *right now*.

I would like to change the message to one which reflects a procedure 
which is known to work in all cases, or at the very least in the vast 
majority of cases.

Current possibilies include:

make clean && make install
	doesn't work unless you are upgrading from an
         ancient pkg_install. This is what we have now.
make clean && make update
	I haven't tested this - anyone?
make clean && make install
pkg_delete -ff pkg_install\*
make reinstall
	lots of pkg_admin errors. prone to stop working in the future
         or to be unreliable now. risks leaving system completely without
         pkg tools with which to easily recover.
make clean && make && make replace
	requires pkg_tarup to already be installed, which can't be
	installed without pkg_install.
make clean && make && rm -r /var/db/pkg/pkg_install* && make install
	prints warnings about bogus/conflicting files. seems to be
	some metadata left over that hasn't been nuked. Perhaps this
	needs a pkg_admin rebuild afterwards? Also, we shouldn't ever
	need to manually manipulate the pkg db - that's why we have
	pkg_* tools, isn't it?

Any comments on the above, or any other ways to approach this?

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