Subject: Re: pkg_install build problem
To: None <>
From: Antoine Reilles <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/06/2005 19:09:26

On Nov 6, 2005, at 6:59 PM, Gabor SUVEG wrote:

> 2005/11/6, Thomas Klausner <>:
>>> me the pkg_install build is broken. im update pkgsrc today, and with
>>> update im get this error:
>>> pkgsrc, on ubuntu, with (CC=gcc-3.3)
>>> any idea ?
>> What is the actual error message? This link only
>> gcc-3.3 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -DTAR_CMD=\""/usr/pkg/bin/tar"\" - 
>> DDEF_UMASK=022 -I/usr/pkgsrc/pkgtools/pkg_install/work/libnbcompat  
>> -I. -I. -I../lib -O2 -c perform.c
> perform.c: In function 'make_dist':
> perform.c:177: error: incompatible type for argument 1 of 'wait'
> *** Error code 1

replacing the wait call by waitpid(-1,&ret,0) as was suggested in  
tech-pkg fixed this issue for me on linux x86_64
However, i have no idea of why this works, of why it wasn't working  
in wait.h, waitpid is explicitly defined to take int* as second  
argument, while wait contains a trick to allow union wait *, but this  
should in the end allow int*