Subject: Re: updates for bbkeys and blackbox
To: None <>
From: Jan Schaumann <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/05/2005 13:04:05
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Antoine Reilles <> wrote:
> Back in 5 september i played with blackbox 0.70 and related packages =20
> (mainly because the current blackbox do not build under darwin).
> I also tested some of the backbox related applications. At least, =20
> there is one patch that may be useful, for bbpager.

Yes, I remember your patches.  I now used these and the other patches I
got and came up with a set of updates that I would be willing to commit
if we can address the following:

- The three most essential packages (to me: blackbox, bbpager, bbkeys)
  will conflict with (at least) the three earlier versions of the packages.
  We need to make a decision whether or not we actually say `screw all
  the people using an old version' and simply update/replace the packages,
  or if we want to create separate versions for these.  I'm obviously
  leaning towards the latter, even though that's messy, too.

  All packages then need to get the appropriate MESSAGE indicating how
  they are not working with other versions, and ideally how to
  update/change the configuration files (at least for bbkeys the
  configuration file syntax changed rather intrusively).

Aside from that, the following would be nice to be resolved, too:

- Somebody tell me how I can get the new version of bbpager to _not_
  stay raised above all windows.  Apparently setting=20

bbpager.raised:                 False  =20

  does _not_ do the magic.

- somebody should create a package 'blackbox-styles' that provides the
  old style files (possibly plus others) that work just dandy with the
  new blackbox, but that are missing from the distfile



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