Subject: port maintainer for naim package?
To: None <>
From: Kirk House <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/31/2005 19:35:35
Hi...  I'm a member of the SDF Public Access UNIX System (found at, or  Until recently we've been able to use 
the program 'NAIM' as a client, to access chat services such as AOL.  A 
couple of months ago, AOL changed their protocols and the then-current 
version of naim ceased to work with that service, so it was turned off 
until a new release became available.    I noticed the other day, on the 
naim website ( that a new version was 
released early this month.   I then sent a request to our admins to 
install this new version.   An admin asked me to relay this information to the 
'port maintainer' for this package...  which I am told is you.   If this all 
makes sense to you, could you do whatever it is that to do, in order to 
make this new version available to our system?

If I am not making any sense at all, or if I am asking the wrong person, 
please let me know.  In either case, thanks much for your attention.

Kirk House
SDF Public Access UNIX System -