Subject: dspam daemon mode
To: None <>
From: Matt Dainty <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/30/2005 21:37:27
I've built mail/dspam 3.6.0 on a fairly recent 3.0_BETA/i386 system with
the following options:

PKG_OPTIONS.dspam = graphs clamav preferences-extension

By using the PostgreSQL storage driver, I get the daemon facility as
well, which I'm trying to use. With the default DSPAM_BINMODE setting,
the dspam binary gets installed as:

-r-s--x--x  1 dspam  dspam  206432 Oct 30 19:38 /usr/pkg/bin/dspam

The example dspam rc.d script tries to run as the dspam user which
doesn't work, as running:

su -m dspam -c 'sh -c "/usr/pkg/bin/dspam --daemon 2>&1 &"'

(which is essentially the startup command with the "> /dev/null"
redirection removed)

gives the single error before exiting:

23777: [10/30/2005 20:44:10] empty message (no data received)

If I just start up dspam in daemon mode as root, it appears to work as