Subject: Re: mail/imap-uw build problems on Darwin
To: Georg Schwarz <>
From: Mark E. Perkins <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/30/2005 09:56:45
On 10/30/05 09:08, Georg Schwarz wrote:
>>OK.... Since the file in question is actually a Makefile
>>(.../src/osdep/unix/Makefile.gss), that translates to .if and such. So I
>>hacked Makefile.gss as shown below, and it works (it's ugly and could be
>>done better, but it works).
> on my Darwin system /usr/local/include does not exist, so the definition of
> GSSDIR would not make sense.

I have /usr/local/include on some of my Panther systems, but only
because I installed some piece of s/w outside pkgsrc and it defaulted to
a base location of /usr/local.

> Are on NetBSD the respective libs (libgssapi, libasnl, libroken) part of the
> base system, or are they provided by pkgsrc? If the latter, why not on
> Darwin?

The only NetBSD systems I have are mac68k running 1.5.4_ALPHA and 1.6.
They both have libgssapi, libasnl, libroken in the base system. I can't
comment on newer versions of NetBSD, but assume that it would be the same.

It looks to me that the imap-uw development folks are making some
(reasonable?) assumptions about what gssapi, etc., libs are available
and assuming that they may be installed in /usr/local (note the comment
in Makefile.gss that the end user may need to modify the locations).

I guess tht for pksrc installations, the references to /usr/local can be
either deleted as part of patch-aj.