Subject: Re: use of FILE_CMD (was Re: [solved] Re: lintpkgsrc install fails)
To: Klaus Heinz <>
From: Johnny C. Lam <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/28/2005 17:07:20
Klaus Heinz wrote:
> Todd Vierling wrote:
>>Not using file(1) would be a good start.  I didn't know we did such ...
>>filthy heuristics.  8-)
> When I encountered the use of "file" in in the past I
> thought about the same...
> As the CVS log shows, Grant removed it in 2003 but that broke some
> packages, so the change was reverted.
>>actually should be modifying.  Any such instances should be removed from the
>>affected SUBST_FILES before removing the use of file(1) from

SUBST_FILES is used not just in packages, but internally by the pkgsrc 
infrastructure as well.  We do substitution in things like *-config, and 
I didn't want to catch the oddball binary that was named foo-config.  I 
sort of threw in a check using file(1) as a last moment thing, and I 
hoped to revisit it later in case there was a better way to do what I 
wanted.  You can see in pkgsrc/mk/ that what I want to do is 
check that the file in which we're about to do substitution is actually 
a text file by using _SUBST_IS_TEXT_FILE.


	-- Johnny Lam <>