Subject: Possible new developments Re: jdk14 native bootstrap
To: Lars Nordlund <>
From: Rhialto <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/27/2005 12:36:18
On Mon 22 Aug 2005 at 23:27:46 +0200, Lars Nordlund wrote:
> I think only a few players in the world are allowed to ship binary
> versions of the JDK. FreeBSD might be one of them. I do not think
> NetBSD has gotten such permissions from SUN. I am also unsure about the
> status of native JDK on FreeBSD at the moment. (A quick browse through

There was someone from Sun (a "Member of Technical Staff" "Java Partner
Engineering") giving a talk at my university about "Sun's Opportunities
for Java Participation: An Academic Perspective". He used to work here
to get his PhD if I understood correctly. He said optimistic things about
partners creating binary versions of Java, both commercial and
non-commercial partners. 

Naturally I asked about NetBSD, and told him that as far as I could see,
there are no technical problems with NetBSD binaries (such as the
conformance tests), just licensing problems.

He didn't know of NetBSD specifically, but he could tell me that for
FreeBSD they had some status in-between commercial and non-commercial.

He told me that he would be willing to (try to) get something sorted out
regarding this licensing situation. So if there is somebody who wants to
step forward, I could get you in contact to get things started off.

Of course this is only relevant if there are not already talks going on
behind the scenes (so I would not know about them).

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