Subject: www/opera should use suse_fontconfig and suse_freetype2
To: None <>
From: Andrew Daugherity <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/27/2005 01:40:19
First of all, I hope this is the correct place for this.

I see the "opera needs suse_openmotif" issue already has a bug filed,
so I'll ignore that here.  I was unable to get Opera to use
anti-aliased fonts at all, until after I installed acroread7, which
pulled in suse_fontconfig and suse_freetype2, among other things.=20
Suddenly Opera began using antialiased fonts and obeying my
~/.fonts.conf, etc.!

The opera binary doesn't directly require libfreetype (according to
"ldd" from suse_base), but it definitely uses it if it's installed.  I
think suse_fontconfig should be installed as well, but I'm not 100%
sure about that.

[Aside: when I replaced the file with one from another
Linux box (the new one having the bytecode interpreter enabled, as the
suse 9.1 version does not) and ran the emul Linux ldconfig,
non-antialiased fonts (I have AA disabled under 16px in my
.fonts.conf) in Opera and acroread immediately became noticeably
clearer. ]

As Opera does run fine without the Linux libfreetype (but only using
the core X fonts, and not supporting antialiasing), perhaps this
should be an option (enabled by default?) rather than a strict

I'd supply a patch here, but I am unfortunately unfamiliar with the
pkgsrc make options syntax.

Any thoughts?

Please cc me on replies; I am not subscribed to the list.


andrew@argonath:~$ pkg_info |grep ^suse; pkg_info|grep ^opera
suse_base-9.1nb7    Linux compatibility package
suse_x11-9.1nb2     Linux compatibility package for X11 binaries
suse_openmotif-9.1nb1 Linux compatibility package for the Motif library
suse_expat-9.1nb1   Linux compatibility package for expat binaries
suse_fontconfig-9.1 Linux compatibility package for fontconfig binaries
suse_freetype2-9.1  Linux compatibility package for FreeType2 library
suse_libjpeg-9.1nb1 Linux compatibility package for the JPEG library
suse_libpng-9.1nb1  Linux compatibility package for the PNG library
suse_libtiff-9.1nb1 Linux compatibility package for the TIFF library
suse_gtk2-9.1nb3    Linux compatibility package for GTK2 binaries
suse_locale-9.1     Locale files for the Linux compatibility package
opera-8.50          Small, fast and customizable WWW client
opera-flash-7.0.25  Flash player for the Linux version of Opera (binary pkg=

Opera pulled in suse_base and suse_x11 itself; I manually installed
suse_openmotif.  The rest were pulled in by acroread7.