Subject: Re: security/PAM on Linux
To: Louis Guillaume <>
From: John Nemeth <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/19/2005 09:49:45
On Mar 10,  8:28am, Louis Guillaume wrote:
} John Nemeth wrote:
} > On Mar 9,  3:33pm, Louis Guillaume wrote:
} > } 
} > } security/pam was not building on Linux. It could not find db.h when 
} > 
} >      Given that most Linux distros have had PAM natively for quite some
} > time, I'm just wondering why you are trying to use this package on a
} > Linux system?
} Well, good point. Here's what I was thinking, though: create the bare 
} minimum, base system on Linux (Slackware 10) and use pkgsrc for the 
} rest. Perhaps it would have been a good idea to use PAM as part of the 
} base system (like NetBSD-3) but I figured that in some cases I would not 
} need it at all, so it and some of its prerequisites (like Berkeley DB) 
} got left out of the base system.

     Ideally PAM should be integrated into the base system, so that
things like login can use it.  Are you sure that you don't have at
least a partial PAM installation in the base system?  What do you get
if type ldd `which login`?

}-- End of excerpt from Louis Guillaume