Subject: Re: modular work
To: Jaromir Dolecek <>
From: Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/17/2005 09:13:22
-On [20051016 21:54], Jaromir Dolecek ( wrote:
>> Yes, there are a lot of packages in GNOME, but IMHO, it's better.
>> Everything is more modular, which is a good thing for applications: they
>> can have a clean dependency tree without pulling in "bloat".
>This saving is mostly theoretical. Even if there would be some
>minor space-saving, the Gnome case pretty much shown that such
>spitted system gets out of control very quickly.  Don't make same
>mistake, please.

Most of the time when you look at the gnome applications their chain of
dependencies pulls in the whole kit and kaboodle anyway, thus negating any
possible advantage of splitting things up.

Is that what you meant Jaromir?

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