Subject: Re: xchat fails to build
To: David Howland <>
From: Roland Illig <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/12/2005 08:51:45
David Howland wrote:
> The new security patch for xchat added a few days ago causes the 
> following error trying to build xchat-2.4.5nb1 on NetBSD-3.0_BETA
> ===> Applying distribution patches for xchat-2.4.5nb1
> -d: not found
> Patch xc245-fix-te-notify.diff failed
> ==========================================================================
> Some of the selected build options and/or local patches may be 
> incompatible.
> Please try building with fewer options or patches.
> ==========================================================================

Please try the following:

cd /usr/pkgsrc
cvs update
cd chat/xchat
make clean

It is important that if you update pkgsrc, you do a _complete_ update. 
Some changes in individual packages depend on changes that have been 
done some minutes before in other directories. The reason for "make 
clean" is that you start from a well-defined point.

If that all does not help, make sure that it's not your local 
modifications that introduce the bug.

If you still have problems, run "make show-var VARNAME=PATCH". It should 
be non-empty but is probably empty in your case.