Subject: Re: python binary
To: None <>
From: Jeroen Ruigrok/asmodai <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/10/2005 20:08:44
-On [20051010 11:53], Joerg Sonnenberger ( wrote:
>(a) It depends on PATH. Yes, that's bad. It doesn't work from single
>user environment, it doesn't work from the default cron configuration

Single user mode is only required for maintenance work.  This is not a valid
reason for changing this in my opinion.

>(b) It means that changing the installed python version also forces the
>change on all installed packages. It means the administrator can not
>freely choose the version.

Yes, the administrator can freely chose the version, but you need to make
sure that site-packages for the version is populated with the appropriate
packages (part of which is version dependent due to the fact it will be
compiled to bytecode).

>The only reason why scripts with #!/usr/bin/env python (or perl or
>ruby) come up is that the stupid Linux mantra of software working out of
>the box for every broken Linux installation. Guys, patching the script
>as prat of the install stage to get the right interpreter is standard
>behaviour and working perfectly fine.

Your reasoning is flawed and it has nothing to do with the supposed
brokenness of a Linux installation.
The same could be decreed of pkgsrc using /usr/pkg instead of /usr/local
which has been the default for BSD local software since which year?
Also this allows for a lot of flexibility which only depends on PATH

I would vote against this course of action.

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