Subject: Re: Use of ${PKGNAME} can lead to confusion
To: Roland Illig <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/09/2005 20:39:31
On Sun, 9 Oct 2005, Roland Illig wrote:
>> Use ${PKGNAME:C/nb${PKGREVISON}//} or so in the right place,
>> i.e. probably where DISTDIR or so is define.
> And why shouldn't I use ${PKGNAME_NOREV} instead of the (longer, harder to 
> read, more error-prone) ${PKGNAME:C/nb${PKGREVISION}//}?
> error-prone, because your try would strip nb${PKGREVISION} even if ${PKGNAME} 
> does not end in it.

If you want to define an internal variable for that -> i couldn't care 
less, as long as it doesn't affect pkg Makefile.

  - Hubert