Subject: Re: IRIX64 packages uploaded
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From: Jan Schaumann <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/09/2005 14:05:02
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Stuart Shelton <> wrote:
> Out of interest, how many issues did you encounter in building these
> packages?

Quite a few, which is why the total number of packages built is << total
number of packages available. ;-)

The results of my bulk builds are sent to the pkgsrc-bulk mailinglist,
so you can find the actual breakage listed online from the links in
those postings.  (Note: I only keep around the last two bulklogs.)

> * tiff has a problem due to stdarg.h - for some reason tiffio.h doesn't
> see the definition of va_list;

Ah, yes, I remember this one.  According to my notes
( I was able to work around this
(admittedly hackishly) by copying the stdarg.h and
internal/stdarg_core.h from a 6.5.23 system into place.  :-/

All the other issues you mention should best be submitted as problem
reports, especially if you have workarounds or solutions and patches!

> Did you have to modify/fix many packages to build this collection?  If
> so, will these patches be merged in-tree, or kept separate?

I try to remember to merge in my patches...


``I still fail to understand why I should have been expected to waste
twenty-five years of my life following the progress of a beeping trash
can and a gay, gold-plated Jeeves.'' -- Anthony Lane on Star Wars III

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