Subject: Re: should executables be installed as stripped binaries?
To: Georg Schwarz <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/08/2005 15:38:59
On Sun, 9 Oct 2005, Georg Schwarz wrote:

> I am currently creating a package for pkgsrc/wip and wondering whether I
> should or should not make sure that executables are installed as
> stripped binaries?

Maybe it would be good if this was optional.

pkgsrc is not consistent. Some things are stripped and some are not.

My custom has:

  INSTALL_LIB?=          \
-       ${INSTALL} ${COPY} -o ${BINOWN} -g ${BINGRP} -m ${BINMODE}


.if !empty(CC_VERSION:Mgcc*)
# and maybe have an option to say to use _STRIPFLAG_CC ??

  Jeremy C. Reed

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