Subject: Poor performance of Dell 256MB USB memory stick
To: None <>
From: Berndt Josef Wulf <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/04/2005 08:48:13
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I have an USB Memory Stick that doesn't appear to work correctly:

<initial detection>
Oct  4 08:19:04 barossa /netbsd: umass0 at uhub4 port 8 configuration 1=20
interface 0
Oct  4 08:19:04 barossa /netbsd:
Oct  4 08:19:04 barossa /netbsd: umass0: M-SysT5 Dell Memory Key, rev=20
2.00/2.00, addr 2
Oct  4 08:19:04 barossa /netbsd: umass0: using SCSI over Bulk-Only
Oct  4 08:19:04 barossa /netbsd: scsibus0 at umass0: 2 targets, 1 lun per=20
Oct  4 08:19:04 barossa /netbsd: sd0 at scsibus0 target 0 lun 0: <M-SysT5,=
Dell Memory Key, 5.00> disk removable
</initial detection>

after about 60 seconds

<final assignment>
Oct  4 08:20:00 barossa /netbsd: sd0: 243 MB, 976 cyl, 128 head, 4 sec, 512=
bytes/sect x 499711 sectors
</final assignment>

This looks ok, although it took for ages. Same when issuing disklabel, it=20
takes about one minute for its completion. I can mount the drive, but again=
it takes yet another minute. No problems in accessing it after mounting,=20
although speed seems ordinary:

barossa: {12} dd if=3D/dev/zero of=3D/mnt/test bs=3D512 count=3D100000
100000+0 records in
100000+0 records out
51200000 bytes transferred in 29.650 secs (1726812 bytes/sec)

Other USB keys in my possession work flawlessly. E.g. almost instand respon=
when inserting/removing key, mount and unmounting.

Dell has given away these sticks to purchasers of new system for quite some=
time now and I'm surprised of not having seem someone else to  report this.=
Is there anything that can be done to speed-up detection and mounting of su=

Sysinfo: Dell Inspiron 9300, NetBSD-3.99.9, Dell 256 Memory Stick

cheerio Berndt

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