Subject: Re: openoffice build fixed
To: Michael Rauch <>
From: None <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 10/01/2005 12:16:51
On Sat, 1 Oct 2005 13:11:32 +0200
Michael Rauch <> wrote:

> > Also what happened to openoffice2 binary package? It does not exist in
> > pkgsrc tree anymore.
> It has never existed. I once posted a link to a .tar.gz containing an
> openoffice2-bin package, if you mean that. As long as OOo 2.0 is still
> in pre-release phase, I think it doesn't really make sense do add
> something to pkgsrc as the binaries are updated too often.

That's right, I think I got that package from your link and manually inserted
into my pkgsrc tree. Silly me :-)